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Over the past decade, our lifestyles have changed radically. We no longer sleep in hotels, but in Airbnb rooms; we order Uber cars with an app and use our smartphones to do our banking and control our central heating. Watch the video below for a full explanation of a Hejme Home!

Project Ekla

The EKLA project is situated a stone's throw from the centre of Brussels. This gives you the absolute best of both worlds: the peace of the city fringe with spectacular views of the heart of Brussels. At Ekla, you choose what view you wake up to every morning

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Whether you need a home for you and your partner – perhaps you’re looking for somewhere to live near your work, you need a bit more space, or simply want a place for yourself alone – or for a long period: our homes are always perfectly maintained (both technically and aesthetically). They are looked after by a team that understands what living well really means.

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Hejme is the next step in this new lifestyle: apartments that are ready to move into and offer real services that provide just what you really need. Convenience and quality of life are key – and above all, no hassle! Our homes are ready and waiting to fit into your busy life.

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Project Ekla

On the site where EKLA beer was once brewed for the 1958 Expo, Hejme offers you an impressive residential high-rise. Besides its exclusive location directly opposite the West station, this project boasts quite a few facilities.This is what care-free living is all about. All floors up to the 6th floor have already been occupied. The residential apartments above the 6th floor offer amazing views over Brussels. A unique opportunity for city lovers.


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